1. 1. All airsprings are warranted for 90 days against manufacturing defects. All airsprings are factory pressure tested in excess of their maximum rated operating pressure. A visual inspection is completed on all airsprings prior to shipment.
2. 2. Defects covered under warranty include and are limited specifically to, air leaks in the rubber, air leaks occurring between the inner and outer plates and blistering of the outer rubber layer.
3. 3. All airspring warranty returns must include an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number, which may be obtained from Slam Specialties. Returned product must include cause or condition of the defect, time in service and identification for customer replacement. If multiple products are returned to the factory within a single RGA number each product must be individually identified. Print out the Warranty Form HERE.
4. 4. Conditions not covered under warranty include, but are not limited to, bursting, leaking due to chafing of the rubber layers, stripped mounting threads, stripped air port threads, leaking due to over-extending or excessive mounting angle. If subjecting springs to extreme pressures, limiting equipment must be installed (ie: shocks, straps, chains etc.) to prevent the springs from over-extending.
5. 5. All Slam Specialties airsprings are supplied with an internal bump stop. This has been designed into the airspring to protect the rubber layers when fully compressed. If a vehicle is using the internal bump stop on the airspring as the primary bump stop all defects arising from this type of installation will not be covered under warranty.
6. 6. Each airspring is shipped with an adhesive label outlining proper installation methods. Slam Specialties will not warranty any airspring in which the installer did not comply with the installation instructions.
7. 7. Although all Slam Specialtiesí airsprings are designed to withstand pressures in excess of their pressure ratings, proper precaution and design must be implemented in order to achieve the maximum performance the airspring has to offer. In the event an airspring fails under pressure and is not installed properly, the warranty will be void. See point #4 in Warranty for more information.
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